Art Key was born as a family business going back three generations. We as well as transponder and sensor programming.

Throughout the years we've had to learn new techniques to fulfill the everchanging needs tecnology presents to our customers.

We can effectively make copies of your traditional home key, as well as RFIL cards for the most modern locks.

When it comes to cars, the locking techniques have evolved from a single car key to proximity sensors. We can cover your needs no matter how new your car is.

Brands such as Tessa, Mult-T-Look, and Philips are just a few of the locks we are able make copies from.


We have more than 50 years in the business of casting tag, plaques, sculptures, and prizes.
Our expertise goes from bronze casting to wood and glass engraving si we can manufacture whatever it is you need.

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32411 Tamina Rd "A" Magnolia TX 77384

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